Lights That Save Lives

McDermott Light & Signal has been manufacturing lighting solutions for over 75 years. We serve municipalities, armed services, police department, fire department, marine industry, construction, vehicle, transit, railroad, and transportation. Please connect with us if you think we might be able to serve you!

Marine Lights

Mcdermott light & Signal delivers a wide array of rugged lighting solutions to match any marine application. These include vessel navigation lights, barge navigation lights, anchor lights, solar navigation lights, solar marker lights, bridge lights, buoys & buoy marker lights & many more. We make it easy to find regulation compliant lighting for all your marine needs so call us today.

Railroad Signals & Transit Devices

McDermott Light & Signal provides railroad and transit lighting solutions such as LED lanterns and handlights, flags and flag holders, signs and sign solar lights, rear-end marker lights, third rail high-voltage detectors, and more.

Vehicle Lights

McDermott Light & Signal constructs traffic advisory equipment such as our LED Arrow Board and Vertical Light Bar for the intent of being mounted on trucks. Arrow Boards come in variations of sizes with option of having it remotely controlled. Vertical light bar comes in customizable LED colors as well as the coating to fit in any department’s use for high visibility on the road